One of my key interests is Photography.

To see more of my own work..

  • - my current portfolio of work
  • Flickr - generally I post the latest work here; some will get promoted to my portfolio, so will end up in file-13.

With photography, as with so many things in life you are always learning, and evolving. You're skills get better, but what you want to achieve with photography also changes as well. One thing I love is being able to help other people, and explain what I've learnt so far.. my recommendations of sites on the net to go are

One of the great aims of the photography on this site is to communicate the beauty of the wider world. Both in plant-life and wildlife, together with the broad landscape in which flora and fauna co-exist. In addition there is a section of architecture, churches in particular hold a fascination - not that I can say for certain why!

Most of the images are of the natural world - aside from photography my other main interested is in conservation, and protection of the world we live in. We do not have the right to plunder the world as we see fit - we are merely custodians of the planet who must hand it on to future generations of animals, and plants to live off. The way we are going our descendants will not thank us for the mess we have left.

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