Photographic Workflow: Managing file formats

An important part of the process of digital photography I think is establishing a ‘workflow’ that works for you (pardon the pun). Workflow may sound like it is something that is the domain solely of professionals, but even if you are amateur maybe only taking a handful of pictures it is, I would assert, very important.

I’m now posting to various different photosites, such as, Flickr, Pixola, and various stock agenices. Each require a specific quality of image. Different resoultions, file formats, and maximum file size.

Whilst any photo tool can handle this type of transformation, I was looking for something more streamlined. So I’m currently investigating using ImageMagick

Some articles on using this are on developerWorks, an odd place for a photo article but never mind. With a great tutorial site on creating thumbnails.

More will be posted on this topic !

An alternative that I was considering pursuing is the use of Python and the Python Imaging Library 

Photo directory auto-resize


Watch a directory on windows, and when I copy an image file into, resize it based on an existing script.

I upload to various online photo sites. Flickr’s upload tool will do the resize for me, but others don’t; they all have different requriements for size, resoultion etc. So I’ll have a directory per site, and scripts set accordingly.

Using the following code snipet would be the first step to doing that I think.