Hello and welcome to my website

Pet sitter in Fareham - specialized in cats

Firstly a little about me:

Thank you for visiting my website. All my life I was never sure what job could fit some of my talents. I grew up with all kinds of animals but mainly with cats and dogs and I really love them (my father was a police man with a police dog and my mum was crazy about cats). I always wanted to work with animals
but never had the confidence to become a vet or similar. I learned to be a small shopkeeper and retail merchandiser instead and then worked for almost 15 years in retail.
Then one day something happened that made me see a new job. And it was just what I wanted to do - caring for animals. Especially with my love of animals - cats in particular!

So I did and now I am a pet sitter and dog walker and that since 2006. I think I have one of the most rewarding jobs there is.

I have recently moved to the very north of FAREHAM and currently only cover a small area for pet sitting. Its about 2 miles around Wynton Way which goes off Fareham Park Road.

Do you need someone to look after your pet(s) while you are away?

I specialize in cats but also look after some smaller animals.

Do you have a cat and you are not sure if a cattery is the right answer for you or your cat(s)?

It can be quite traumatic and stressful for a cat to be taken out of its usual environment and put into a cattery. Especially if it is shy or not very confident.
Also many older cats can react badly to changes around them. Using the service of a petsitter keeps your beloved pet(s) in the safety and security
of their own home. They can stay in their own territory, in their own home and with their own bed and food bowl, surrounded by the familiar
scents of their owners and themselves.

Do you think that you have a "difficult" cat?

No problem for me. I have experience with some behaviour problems in cats.

Let me come to your home and give your pet(s) what they need most while you are away. You can decide how many times a day you want me to come round.


For more information please email pam@pamspurrfectpets.co.uk or call 07962 457 008.