2009 Films

Cryptic clues to film titles - note the date - so nothing after 2009!

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Short Crossing

Pelican Brief

Slew the taunting jay

To Kill a Mocking Bird

Fibbing goat?

Billy Liar

It's child's play, Detective

Kindergarten Cop

Number 9 tram mix-up

The Matrix

An almighty parent

The Godfather

It's a crime to call your boss, James

Dial M for Murder

Blue tits, robins and sparrows

The Birds

Highest arms

Top Gun

Beastly business

Monsters, Inc.

Quest for Omen?

Finding Nemo

I saw it!


Squashed fruit?

It's not true! Pulp Fiction

Castor and Pollux


Exterminate William

Kill Bill

Will ewe be quiet!

Silence of the lambs

Confectionary assault

Mars Attacks

Not a minor breakout

The Great Escape

Mostly with honours

The Graduate

Reserved Anglo-Saxon

The English Patient

Connections made here

The Terminal

Chopped tubers


Woodchuck Sunday

Groundhog Day

Loved calling the tram

A Streetcar Named Desire

Are you dizzy up here?


30°C Not for Me!

Some like it hot

'tends a summit perhaps?

Dante's Peak

Once the Mistral blew

Gone with the the Wind

What a swell guy!


The crux of courage