2014 Scientist and Engineers

Surnames of famous Scientists and Engineers. Bonus points for knowing what they are famous for.

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Almost a valiant vapour


A stiff neck for Holmes’ friend

Crick and Watson – Discovered DNA double - helix

Look through cedar windows

Darwin – Developed theory of evolution

Unused heavy weight

Newton – Laws of motion and gravity

Cut down

Whittle – Inventor of the jet engine

Sounds like he’s worth £10

Jenner – Discovered vaccination

Experimenting with phone nests

Stephenson – Father of the railways

It’s not a northerly turning

Turing – Code breaker and mathematician

An incomplete barrel maker stole you and me

Copernicus – Proposed earth went round the sun

Vend melee disrupted!

Mendeleev – Invented Periodic Table

Beryllium 50 50 compound

Bell – Inventor of the telephone

Review Site Nine

Einstein – Theory of Relativity

Sounds like a frosty ruler

Hawkin g – Theoretical physicist and mathematician

Confusion made riches

Archimedes – Mathematician

500 started the sea force

Davy – Inventor of the miners lamp

Mined slate

Tesla – Physicist – invented AC

What a distance in 24 hours

Maybe ‘e’s not a fraud

Freud – Psychologist

Mr Stobart’s child

Edison – Inventor of the incandescent light bulb

Shakespeare’s all-encompassing ego

Baird – Inventor of Television

Boron, Ruthenium, Neon and a dash of Lithium

Brunel – Heavy Engineering

Could be a bleak place

Moore – Astronomer

British open horse racing initial gathering

Bohr – Atomic structure and quantum theory

Father five had no end of love

Pavlov – Physiological conditioning

Sang a mix

There’s no end to harm with old leg armour

Hargreaves – inventor of the Spinning Jenny

Western Aeronautics Top Trumps!

Watt – Improvements to the steam engine

Hello and Cheers without the ole!

Herschel – Discovered Uranus

E-phone prime the confusing new technology

Oppenh e i mer – Led the Manhatten project

True sap?

Pasteur - Pasteurization