2017 World Landmarks

World Landmarks

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Key city mound

Capitol Hill

Glass fragment

The Shard

Six ten graph

Great Sphinx

Nelson’s quadrant

Trafalgar Square

Not referencing a pantomime great


Royal trips

Victoria Falls

Lightly cooks block

Sears Tower

What a pickle!

The Gherkin

Capital optic

London Eye

Climbed on speeding again!

Mount Rushmore

Coloured residence

White House

Bills large friend

Big Ben

A gap for sewing implement

Space Needle

Models freely

Statue of Liberty

Awesome border service

Great Wall of China

Or we feel fit

Eiffel Tower

The Quin Edge!


A blind museum


Crescent of success

Arc de Triomphe

Sedimentary monument


Newspaper quadrant

Time Square

Eternal clearing


Fired soldiers

Terracotta Warriors

George’s tribute

Washington Monument

Lamentable rampart

Wailing Wall

Console Munroe

Table Mountain

Mammoth reason passes

Giant’s Causeway

Victoria’s progeny crossing

Brooklyn Bridge

I milk on a jar


Sacred heart