The killer app?

Spreadsheets are credited as being the killer applications for PCs. My mobile phone does an incrediable amount, including would you believe it the ability to make phone calls. It also has a camera; being an amateur photographer the camera on my phone is not one I would really want to use for taking images.

However I think I might have found a use for it. Being a software engineer we often draw all sorts of things on whiteboards. These are very transient data, but with a camera phone I can finally give these whiteboard drawings some sort of persistence. So I have in mind an application for my phone that will help me persist whiteboards.

So far I don't think there is a killer app for our powerful mobile phones - perhaps this will be it?

Well a bit of googling has found a couple of interesting things. There are 2 sites set to which you can email/MMS an image, and a PDF will be emailed to you. scanr and qipit. Both look useful services. A samples I've seen look pretty good. but I have one concern. Primarily that my employer would not like to me send copies of whiteboards to just anybody.

This leaves some form of local processing. A basic image manipulation program has enough featues; some of the work flow is described here

Now my next task is to encode this in a script, to make the images quick and easy to process.

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