Blood Donation

Well I've just come back from my 5th Blood Donor session!  For many years I never did this, the mere thought of it was absolutely awful; my blood was very precious to me and didn't really want to loose it.

But it's very precious to somebody else as well. somebody quite probably in a far worse state than me. I can make more it; they might be alive to.

The worse part of donating yet hasn't happened yet... later on this evening I need to take the plaster from my arm. Now that is going to hurt!!!

Some people can't give blood, and for some it is quite a shock to the system. But if  you then I would really urge you to do so. If you look on the National Blood Donation website you can see the level of blood stocks.

For some types that is just a few days and at the best 11 days. That is hardly anything at all......

As it says in the adverts "Do something amazing today".

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