Epson R2400 – Ink Cartridge Recycling

I nearly didn't get the R2400, for one very simple reason. It didn't seem possible to do anything with the ink cartridges afterwards. You can collect from various places,  bags to send used cartidges, from which some money for charity can be gained. What exactly the part that is worth something I don't know. I would send mine to the Hawk Conservancy for example.

Most of these bags don't accept Epson cartidges - so why not get an HP that could? Well when on Cartridges4Charity, they gave Epson's address that I could send back the cartidges to the manufactuer. Epson on the phone confirmed this was the case.

So I will be sending them back - hopefuly they will be reused and not thrown away. Here's the address

 Service Materials Management (SMM)
EPSON Telford Ltd.
Hortonwood 40

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