An afternoon in 1642

I went down to Little Woodham this afternoon - the "1642 Living History Village". James is a long standing member and encouraged me to come down; some pictures where required as well.

The weather was wonderful, and the site is in amazing small piece of oak woodland. Absolutely English!! Together with the wittle and daube buildings it is a very impressive place. After a while you really start to forget that it's 2007. The civil war siege of Portsmouth was occurring this week in 1642; one thing that struck home is that 1642 what we now think of as being close wasn't then. Scale was very different.

Wonderful people with great stories to tell of life and living. Narrowly missed being signed up to be a Pikeman.. best job for a gentleman apparently. Attention to detail is amazing - sausages in the chimney to smoke and kill the maggots.

My knowledge of 1642 is a bit rusty - better brush up for next time as well. Sadly some of my photo knowledge left me as well and the VR lens didn't perform as well as I had hoped it would do.

In the words of Bill Bryson "Go; go now".... (though I'd like to keep my car if you don't mind... plus it didn't exist in 1642 anyway)

Wheelwright, originally uploaded by Calanais.


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