PC Performance and PhotoShop/Lightroom

So in trying to produce the latest images for Tone, Texture, Time my machine seemed to be really going slowly. Turned out that I was really running out of disk space on the local drives. Not only did that give appalling performance, but it also meant that a few attempts to print A3+ failed half way through.  Half a printed picture is useless.

Optimize performance of Photoshop CS3 on Windows XP and Vista on Adobe's site gives some basic information; on of the interesting things was having to local hard drives. Currently I have one 160Gb (small now) and a 500Gb NAS (RAID1).

So some thinking on upgrading the PC.

  1. Clear out stuff
  2. Run more from the NAS
  3. 2nd Hard Drive - Shuttle case can take it.. but need to move out the Floppy Drive/Card Reader.

Will edit this as thinking moves on... see Delicious Stream for more links on this topic

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