Upcoming Photographic Judging

So as a quick introduction I'm a certified Southern Photographic Federation Class B Judge. Meaning basically I can go to Photographic Societies within the SouthernFed's region and judge their internal club competitions.

After a brief hiatus whilst jnr #2 was born when I couldn't commit to doing any evenings out as of April I should be back!  So I've looked up the list of photographic judging that I'm been asked to do.

There are 6 dates currently booked into the calendar at a variety of clubs (Woolston provisional).  You're all welcome of course to come and see what goes on.

Of these I've only been to Marwell before. I'm really looking forward to going to Marwell - it's a small club but with some talented members and a very warm welcome (plus it's my first camera club!)

But equally I'm also looking forward to going to the other clubs.  Looking at their websites there all have talented members.

Within the camera club and photographic society compensation circuit I will honestly say that these competitions are strange beasts.  It's all too often to hear lots of comments about the randomness or odd remarks from judges (and I've made them myself to be honest).  Or for Judges to forget that they have haven't separated their own personal preferences from their assessment of an image.

As an aside for a different take on photo critiquing have a look at  this edition of XKCD.

But we still put these competitions into our society's schedules so they must be fulfilling some need (and I argue they do)

Last year I put a presentation together on how Judges think and critiquing photos.  I'm going to try and expand on that in an article to give some background to how I judge.  It's only fair I think to present the 'marking scheme'.

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