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Last night I presented to the Fareham and Portchester Camera Club the 'Judging - a Personal Philosophy'. Seemed to go down quite well ūüôā And I learnt as well from the conversations with members. As a follow-on from last night this post has got the links to the friends that I've borrowed some images from.¬†

Many thanks to them - all three have shown me work that has inspired! There are also several other friends whose work is also very worth taking a look at; though I didn't get to show their work in the presentation last night. Perhaps a post for another day.

So working east to west in the world. 

So let's start of with Frances, based in Tokyo she has some great images of Japanese life, culture and landscape. Some very good recent images of floral still life. Flick link for tokyofran

Moving onto Humphrey Hippo; very different style from landscape, few portraits to  inspirational still life.  What I'm in awe of is her continued photo-a-day or 365 project. Well worth taking a look at.  Flickr link for Humprey Hippo, and the 2013 and 2014 '365 projects' 

Crossing the Atlantic now, we get to Alexis. Now based on Vancover, Alexis is specialising in city, land and sea-scapes. Flickr link for Alexis; worth also checking out Alexis Birkill Photography on Facebook. Lots of background behind the images. 

Finally and least here's my Flickr stream 

Again thanks to those letting me use the pictures and to those wishing to listen to me talk!

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