Raspberry Pi: my 3rd-ish bite

So finally got around to getting the Raspberry Pi out of the bag and connected up 'to do something'.. well not quite sure what yet, but at least it's out of the bag.

To be far it has been used so far for a quite trial of XMBC and also of volumio; both looked promising for one idea.  I did attend a IET workshop on using the RPI and GPIO with WiFi sniffing. That was very cool - but I couldn't get to keep the SD or the Wifi dongle used there.

So I've setup the latest Raspbian image (had to use Windows not Linux as that seemed to failed to write the SD card. But maybe in hindsight it  was a faulty SD card?) ... A tutorial by Neil Black is very good intro and has a few good things I'll be referring back to.

Now to the WiFi - well it seemed to go quite well following this tutorial - but could I get it register a IP address? I did spot that had 'manual' not 'dhcp' but that didn't work.

So after a little stress I spotted this tutorial that had a subtly different set of commands.  Now that has worked correctly - and the Pi is connected over wireless (as well as via cable).  Looking back now though I did a general update of the software I didn't do the specific update as suggested for the wireless tools in the first tutorial. Maybe that would have made the difference?

Who knows for the questions? Maybe I should go back and test them out - but then life is short; it's working.

And for the 4th byte - maybe node.js or maybe wirless print server, or GPIO.. we'll see!

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