Abstract Anywhere

Whilst it is often said that the best camera is the one that you have with you, the best location will be the one where you currently are.

Even at the side of a school swimming pool supporting the kids; even dripping with perspiration in the sauna that is the pool; even being not quite sure which is your kid as all of them are wearing similar swim hats, goggles etc.

So what can you take - well apart from the ones of the kids for the family album - abstract shots are everywhere - because by definition they are abstract and really it's only about shape, texture, colour, shadow, lines, form, pattern.  Is there something about the combination of all of these factors that 'flows'? That taken together can make an image.

Here are the three shots that I took this week; all taken on my Moto G3, and with basic editing in Snapseed.


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