All my services included in the price are following:

  • feeding your pet(s)
  • cleaning litter trays and/or cages
  • brushing when necessary
  • playtime with your pet(s)
  • lots of cuddling and other tlc

Basically I try to keep your pet(s) happy during your absence. I stay around 30 minutes per visit or longer depending on the fun your pet(s) and I have together!

I also:

  • water your house plants
  • gather all your incoming mail
  • shut curtains and/or blinds in the evening and re-open them in the morning

Other services which are not included in the price are:

  • While you are away I can provide you with a segment timer which will give you that important "lived-in" look.
    A lamp can be plugged into it and you can arrange times when you want the light to come on and off.
    So from the outside it will look like somebody is in the house. Or simply let me know the times when you like the light to go on and off and I can do it for you.

  • If you would like some digital photos of your beloved animals taken - I will do my best for you and take some pictures which you can view on my laptop when you are back.