Photographic Workflow: Output

When I started photography seriously, I was using a 35mm file camera (Praktica ML50). My typical film stock was Fuji-print film. With hinsight, that was the wrong thing to me using. It was though easy to expose for, and produced results that you could see easily - and put in an album. Plus at the time I had an Epson 1200U scanner that could produce reasonable results from the prints.

What I think I should have done though is taken slides.  Velvia or Provia would have been a better training ground with exposure, and generally quality.  Obtaining a projector wouldn't have been a problem (have my father's projector) and a screen cost me £15 second hand.

But I moved onto digital - missing out slide film. Although I do have a few roles around that I really want to try using!

One thing though I have found is MicroQuiz they can produce from a digital file some great slides. There are 3 reasons to do this

  1. Digital projectors are still not quite there for quality, but this won't last for long
  2.  Slide competitions in local clubs are not now well entered. So you stand a better chance of wining based purely on numbers
  3. Persistence. Perhaps the strongest reason of all. I reckon that a slide has a greater chance of lasting than a digital file.

So I am considering getting all of my main portfolio copied onto slide - just in case!

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